From Down-At-Heel to Downright Gorgeous

A former century-old rental property in Newmarket is given a new lease on life with a complete makeover

Cabinetry: Niico Millwork Group

A visual person by nature, Milner could clearly envision the home’s occupants and how they’d move through the space. At under 2,000 square feet and with a picturesque back-yard, it would be the perfect starter home for a young professional couple, perhaps with a small child. The 400-square-foot kitchen would be their preferred hangout, whether for eating, chatting, doing homework or en-tertaining. But being fairly small, the kitchen needed as much bang for the buck as Milner could give it while retaining what she calls the “modern farmhouse” fuss-free flavour.

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October 15, 2019
Home In Canada
Blue kitchen, stove and backsplash

Blue kitchen and glass table

Blue kitchen cabinets

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