Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends

Kitchen cabinets are the heart and hub of your home, so having them look the way you want is very important.

Even if you do not have the budget for a total kitchen renovation, there are some things that you can do to put you on the path toward your ideal kitchen.

Here are the top kitchen cabinet trends in 2018.

Black and White Go Together

While kitchen styles are continuing to evolve, the black-and-white colour scheme never goes out of fashion. The contrasted look marries well with appliances and accessories.

Grey is the New White

Custom modern kitchens have turned to using grey cupboards as opposed to white. A wood-stained rich grey is leading the way for a new trend — combining colours for cabinets.


Neutral colours in the kitchen allow you to personalize the space how you want. Mix and match different colours and fixtures to show off a reflection of your personality.

Modern and Classic Pair Well

Taking a classic colour and design and combining it with (for example) a colourful sink will give your kitchen that extra pop it needs.

Cohesive Style

The kitchen is often the centre of a house and can be as beautiful as the rest of it. Whatever style you have used for the rest of your home’s interior, you should consider also using it for the kitchen. Combine different fixtures with different finishes to bring variety into the mix. Having the cabinets echo the rest of the space will make the kitchen feel inviting.

Light and Shadow

You can use dark accents on the wall to accentuate dark-coloured cabinets. Dark colours contrasted with white and light colours add drama to the space. Keep the countertops and backsplashes light to create a visually appealing balance of colour.

Add an Island

If your kitchen is large enough to accommodate an island, it can be custom-built along with your cabinets. An island pulls everything together in the kitchen and also provides space for appliances, utensils, linens and more. The island can be used to complement the colour scheme or to contrast it.

Maximum Storage Space

Cabinets can come with multi-tiered drawers to utilize every inch of space, which is especially important if your kitchen is on the small side. There are a lot of options available besides a lazy Susan. Cabinets can be furnished with pullout trays and breadboxes, and narrow areas can be customized for slim things like baking trays.

Functionality is Key

Not only should your cabinets look good, but they should also be functional to their best and highest use. Cabinets and drawers are changing to include hydraulic doors, which fold up at the touch of a button.

Customizable Drawers

Swinging doors are a thing of the past. Pullout doors attached to shelves are perfect for storing pots, pans, recycling bins and racks. The inserts in the drawers themselves will hold cutlery and dishes and help you maintain a clean, uncluttered kitchen.

February 20, 2018

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