Kitchen Renovation Preparation Tips

You have assembled your plans and hired a crew — is your kitchen renovation all ready to begin? Not quite. Here are 10 steps you can take to help you get your kitchen ready for your next renovation.

1. Pack Your Dishes and Glasses With Care

Even though these items will only be in storage for a short period of time, you want to make sure that you take your time to carefully pack them. Use bubble wrap and newspaper to protect against breakage and mark the contents of each box so you know which ones to handle with caution.

2. Remove Pictures and Wall Hangings

Renovations create a lot of movement and vibration, so it is best to take down any important pieces of art or photos you may have on the walls, especially if they are on a shared wall with the renovation.

3. Take Down Blinds, Curtains and Rods

Hang, fold or place these items in boxes to ensure that they are not damaged. This is a good time to clean and dust these items before you put them back up afterwards.

4. Pack Your Food Based on Category

Packing your food in categories will make it much easier for you to know what is what when you need to restock the cabinets after the renovation. Use boxes with short sides so that the food is accessible during the renovation as well.

5. Set Aside Everyday Items

Anything and everything that you will need to use every day, especially to cook and prepare food, should be put aside for your usage. If you won’t have a sink to do dishes, buy biodegradable cups, utensils and plates to avoid a messy pileup. It is also a good idea to keep cleaning supplies on hand.

6. Gather Packing Supplies

All of your existing kitchen supplies are going to need storage during the renovation. This mean getting boxes, newspaper, tape, bags and markers to protect all of your kitchen supplies and utensils while the renovation is taking place.

7. Cover Your Electronics

Any computers and sensitive equipment should be covered to protect from dust and debris that may harm them. If your kitchen is near the family room, this includes the TV, stereo and any other electronics you may have.

8. Donate Items

As you are packing and getting ready for the renovation, you are sure to come across items that you do not or cannot use anymore. Consider setting these aside for donation so that someone in need can use them. Use the renovation not only as an opportunity to remake your kitchen but to declutter your new space, making it organized and efficient.

9. Protect Your Pets

If your pets are used to walking around the home freely, it is best to cordon off the area so they cannot intrude. This will ensure your pets are not in danger of stepping on any loose nails, screws, tools or any other hardware being used on the kitchen.

10. Clean The Area For The Contractors

Remove all obstructions so that the contractors can move freely and efficiently. This will make sure that the reno is done on schedule and on budget and you are not charged additional labour hours to prepare the area.

Renovating a kitchen is exciting, and having a kitchen that you are proud of and happy in goes a long way to creating comfort and enjoyment in your home. Make sure you take these pre-renovation steps to ensure the smoothest, easiest renovation possible.

March 6, 2018

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